What Services Do You Offer?

Here at Balloons By Brittany we offer Live Twisting Balloon Entertainment, Sculptural Balloon Centerpieces & Decor, Seasonal Balloons for order & Balloon Party Favors

Where are you located?

Right now we have no current storefront but we conduct most our business operations and pickup orders in the town of Merrick, New York

Do you make and sell helium balloon bouquets and balloon Bouquet centerpieces?

Unfortunately we do not offer any pieces that involve helium at this time. Like any pressurized gas helium requires to be stored in special conditions which we cannot currently provide.

Can I buy un-inflated Balloons from you?

We Do Not Sell Or Give Out Any Balloons That Are Un Inflated For Safety And Insurance Purposes.

Do you offer balloon classes?

Right Now We Currently Are Piloting Our Balloon Workshop “Balloons 101” for groups and as a library program. For more information on booking this program please CLICK HERE.

Do you offer your services for charity events?

We currently have a few charities that we work with closely, however we do not provide our services for free due to material cost and expenses. We do offer discounted charity rates and a select number of gift cards for raffle donation. To inquire about a charity event or gift card donation CLICK HERE

What are candy cups?

Candy cups are plastic cups filled with candy and trinkets topped with a fun balloon design. They make great party favors and holiday gifts. To search for candy cup designs check out our searchable photo gallery!

Do you offer holiday items?

Yes! Balloons By Brittany offers a variety of Balloon items for every holiday. Please check our Facebook page for listings or subscribe to our mailing list to receive holiday ordering information.

Event Inquiries/Booking

How can I get a price Quote?

to receive a quote you can visit our party packages page and request a quote for the exact service you are looking for within 48 hours.

How do I book an event?

For an event to be completely booked you must have received a final contract by email and submitted the required retainer payment. To receive begin the booking process and receive a price quote CLICK HER (PLEASE NOTE the price quote form and booking forms are two separate forms and no event can be booked without receiving a quote and availability first.)

My venue isn’t booked can I leave you a deposit to save the date?

Unfortunately we do not accept any form of booking or deposits until a venue with a set event time is booked by the client.

Performance Information

How many balloons can you make in the hour?

On average our Brittany can make anywhere from 20 to 30 balloons in an hour time slot.

How much time do I need for live Twisting at my party?

In an hour Brittany can serve around 20 children/participants. We recommend adding an additional half hour if you think your older guests would also be interested in the fun!

Can i add more time to my performance during my party?

Due to scheduling no extra time is held for tentative extended time. If you would like to book extra time for your event we recommend inquiring for extended time and its availability at least a week in advanced .

When should you come to my event?

Each event is different and has a different schedule as well as a host with specific needs and desires. To entertain children in a stationary area we recommend coming at the beginning of your event or right in between dinner and dessert. For tight party spaces we recommend coming during dinner to help entertain all of your guests while moving freely around the dining area.

Do you make more than just dogs and swords?

Yes Balloons By Brittany offers some of the very best line work balloon art around. To see a list of examples please visit our Balloon list.

Payment & Policies

Do you require a retainer payment?

Yes, The final step in reserving your desired party time & date is submitting the desired retainer payment stated on the event contract. Retainer payments range from $35 - $60 depending on pricing and service. Decor orders do not involve a retainer payment unless over $100

How do I pay?

Once you book an event or place an order you will receive payment information through your main method of contact. Currently we accept Venmo. Paypal, Check by mail & Cash.

Should I tip my balloon artist

Here at Balloons By Brittany tips are greatly appreciated and accepted at all events. Tipping any entertainer or service provider in general lets them know that they excelled at their job and were appreciated by the client.

Inclement Weather policies?

Balloons By Brittany's inclement weather policy is as follows:

If the event is canceled due to inclement weather, the customer may be issued a "Rain check" The Rain check is good for the same or equivalent service within one year that can be worked into the twister’s schedule. The Rain check cannot be used unless the twister is available. No monetary refunds on retainer payments will be given.

All outdoor twisting sessions must be conducted in a safe manner and there must be an indoor rain contingency plan. In the event of cancellation without such a contingency, the client must pay the contract in full. 

Refund Policy?

Balloons By Brittany's cancellation policy is as follows:
Your initial payment is a non-refundable retainer fee which reserves your event's date and time on our calendar and guarantees our company will be available for your event. Balloons By Brittany will not be held accountable for customer cancellations due to inclement weather, acts of God, vandalism, etc.

Balloons are, by nature, temporary items: Although Balloons By Brittany uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected and will also be adversely affected by wind, rain, rough handling, sunlight and other uncontrollable factors.

Due to the unexpected circumstances that can occur with any event, we reserve the right to make changes only in the best interest of our clients.

Cancellation Policy?

Balloons By Brittany's cancellation policy is as follows:

If the event is canceled and the performer notified within 24 Hours, the retainer payment will be good for one year from the date of the original scheduled date. This Retainer Payment will then be good for any similar event within the year that the performer is available to attend at the request of the customer. If the performer is not scheduled within that year, the deposit is forfeit.

If for any reason Balloons By Brittany has to cancel their services due to injury, emergency or serious illness a full refund of the initial Retainer Payment will be awarded to the customer along with a 20% off voucher for their next service.